157cm B-cup Maribel

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She’s looking at you kid and no prizes for guessing what she wants. Maribel has sharp sexy and deviant looks like no other and coupled with head 195 she is a babe to remember. Styled with curly hair and looks that could kill she could be yours if she doesn’t get to you first.


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HEAD: 195
BODY: 157cm B-cup


157cm B-Cup Doll Specs:

  • Height: 157cm
  • Weight: 28kg
  • Bust: 67cm
  • Waist: 48cm
  • Hips: 77cm
  • Feet: 21.5cm
  • Availability: Oral, Vagina and Anal. 
  • Hole depth: Vagina:17cm , Anus:16cm and Oral:12cm
  • Material: TPE


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