Doll Management and Care

Some helpful tips and tricks to looking after your love doll. On this page we will show you some general doll care information and tutorials on looking after your sex doll. 

Connecting Head and Removing Head

  1. Putting the head on and taking off using slide bolt (not threaded bolt)

  1. Looking after TPE

It is always good to use talcum powder as it keeps the material soft and supple and also prevents dirt from sticking. You dont have to do everyday but its a good method to keeping the TPE skin fresh. It also makes the material feel more smooth like real skin. 

when you first receive the doll, give it a wash and let the TPE material ‘relax’. When you add clothes it is ok to use black coloured or other strong colours but make sure you dont leave on for long periods of time the strong coloured dyes can create stains. When we say long periods of time we are talking about weeks or more. If you want to add such clothes give them a wash especially if they are brand new cloths so the dye is less strong. 

Make up:
When you wash make sure you dont get the bottom of the foot wet as its best to avoid getting the standing studs wet (if you have standing studded doll) as the studs can rust and effect the TPE. Same for make up around the face, do not submerged the face under water as this can effect the make up, especially if the water is very hot. If you want to wash the face wipe around the make up areas. 

Oils during washing:
Only use warm soapy water. Not hot water just warm. Products like bath milk have oils in them, they can erase nipple colour and make up when in hot temparatures and being exposed to such oils so keep away from these products. If you have standing feet make sure the studs are outside the water and not submerged.


Should use water based lube. The doche is useful and comes with the doll, you can use it for washing the cavity and use warm soapy water. 

  1. Joints

The doll is flexible and can pose in many positions however do not contort the doll in acute or extreme positions that may cause stress to the joints. When you store the doll away you can either hang the doll (need strong rail like the kind you find in the garage) or lay down flat in the box. Do not store the doll contorted as it can cause stress to the joints and also stretch the TPE on the knee and elbow areas. 

How to lift a sex doll? 

  1. Lifting the doll from out of the box. We show you our demonstration how to do this withouth hurting your back and lifting the sex doll with ease. In the example we are lifting a quite heavy doll its the 175CM Male WM Doll.