Frequently asked questions at Sex Doll Australia

Are sex dolls illegal in Australia?

Absolutely not. What is illegal however are dolls that appear too young (Under 18 years old) these kinds of dolls are highly illegal in Australia and for very obvious reasons. 
The dolls we sell are only tall with adult breasts. That's it. We do not and never will sell anything too short or even remotely similar to such in nature so please do not ask us or inquire for such dolls. If you purchase anything elsewhere that you may think could be controversial even slightly then you run a major risk of being prosecuted. 

For more information about sex dolls in Australia and customs laws see: Legality of Sex Dolls in Australia

How long will it take to receive my doll?

In Stock:

Domestic shipping, takes approx. 1-2 weeks, can take longer depending on location in Australia for delivery. Pick up is not available.


Pre-orders by sea is approx 6-9 weeks this includes the time to make your doll. Once the doll arrives we check it and can send to you from Melbourne via domestic shipping. we use TNT and others. 

COVID-19 Sex Dolls – Any delay?

Yes! during the pandemic we have had delays, not so much in production but shipping and customs clearance during COVID-19. There has been large increase in online sales generally and also many staff changes and staff shortages in the shipping world and so the combination of the two and tight COVID-19 restrictions that Australia and the world faces means backlogs in the shipping and processing. 

What happens after I buy the Doll?

Below is a storyboard showing you the full process. 

Will there be an issue in customs?

Firstly as stated above, we only sell large tall dolls with adult breasts and adult appearance so you should have zero percent fear of customs thinking the doll is a problem. When your doll arrives we pay the customs taxes for you so you do not even have to bother with any fuss or stress.  

Yes that's right, we pay your customs taxes for you, many other competitors will drastically lower the cost for you which is nice however, they are likely to under-declare which means your item will be held for yonks and most likely end in the item being seized. We do not take these risks for our business and most importantly for our dear customers so its only conducted in an above board fashion. 

Are there any extra fees I have to pay later? 

We can’t stress this enough, we are unique in the sense that the price on the website is the FINAL cost. We handle the customs clearance and pay the additional taxes for you as it is bundled in the price. The competitors will be able to charge lower rates on the website, but this is because they are expecting you to pay the taxes yourself and also make you responsible for the customs clearance. Often customers have contacted us after and have kicked themselves purchasing from an overseas store, they paid in USD and after the stressful customs clearance process they have had to endure to clear the doll, they then finally (if cleared) are requested by customs to pay taxes on the full retail cost which is a higher tax.

Once they have paid and gotten it over with, they add it all up afterwards and realise that we at Sex Doll Australia were cheaper. So, with us you can pay one price and let us handle the rest, this means clearance and taxes. Your job is just to receive the doll and we will coordinate this process for you leaving you to relax. Its simple, pay less and get more.  

Popular Questions – Answered!

Topics Discussed: Future of Dolls, Customs Taxes and Imports, The Fakes, Depot Collect, Taboo around Love Dolls and Pics before Ship. Whack some headphones in and have a listen. 

Do you have discreet shipping?

Yes of course, the box contains no indication of it being a sex doll and so no one would know. Your doll will arrive in plain packaging. Furthermore, the charge on your bank account is also discreet, it too alludes to nothing sexual.  

What are Sex Dolls made of?

High quality TPE (Thermoplastic elastomer) and high grade Silicone

What is better, TPE or Silicone?

TPE is porous and Silicone is not. TPE dolls are warmer, heavier and contains more oil while Silicone Dolls are colder, lighter and not oily.

The point of what is better, it’s hard to say as it comes down to preference and taste, we do have a quite thorough guide and information page on the benefits of each material see: TPE Sex Dolls vs Silicone Sex Dolls

Do you have a showroom? 

Currently our dolls are custom made to order so we don’t pre stock at a physical store. 
So not at this stage however we plan to open in 2020 (late) with a showroom and allow customers to purchase in store. From time to time we have new samples available that can be sold at a discounted rate and customers can see and purchase in person or ship domestically. 

How to care for Sex Doll?

Vagina: Water based lube is recommended. Silicone based lube is not recommended and can also harm the makeup of the doll. Its good to use a douche for cleaning the vaginal cavity and or the masturbator/insert.

Material: If you want to keep the skin soft, supple and clean you should use baby powder. After a light wash use baby powder to keep dirt and dust off and make the material fresh and realistic. 
Also be careful of strong colored dyes and leaving the doll in the sun. If the doll is wearing a black tee shirt for example and left in the sun too long there is a good chance the dye can stain the doll. Please be careful with this as the clothes can create a large stain especially when the doll is new. When you recieve always give a light wash and let her dry, as it is so new there is fine chemical dust that can lie on the surface. So wash a bit first. 

Storing her: Only store laying flat in her box, bed or case with legs stretched out completely. Do not leave the doll contorted in awkward positions for too long as this can stretch the material or even tear if left for long periods of time. 

Joints: You can of course bend the limbs in many different positions however do not leave the doll contorted for long periods of time. The easiest way to care for her is to treat her with the same respect as you  would with any person, this means with respect and not being too rough. The dolls are designed to last and strong but you must be careful to avoid any disastrous situations. 

Bath time:  The dolls are fine for a bath but just keep screwed/bolted feet out of the tub. Also, do not get water on the makeup areas on the face as it can affect the paint.

Is it all real?

Yes we are and not in any way a con! That being said, talk is cheap so if have any concerns drop us a line or give us a call, yes we are in Australia so you can actually call us. 

If you are worried about being scammed buying a sex doll elsewhere then look out for these warning signs:

  1. No phone number: You notice the website has no phone number to call. Even though the website claims to be in Australia, if they cannot simply supply or offer a phone call then you should be highly suspicious. Even websites that obtain "com.au”can still pull this trick off. 
  1. Poorly written English: This could indicate to be an unknown off shore business pretending to operate here, although it isn't a major red flag, it is enough to start asking yourself some questions. Again especially if they claim to be 'local’. 
  1. Dolls are too cheap: These dolls are created with a minimum cost of approx. $1000AUD from the factory. There are quite a few suppliers out there that fish the defective dolls from the factory and sell them as new. Or even worse you might actually find the doll is that cheap because it simply doesn't exist.


In recent times, there has been a large outbreak of fake dolls on the market, most of which are bought from dodgy vendors on Ebay, Amazon and Aliexpress, not to discredit them but it sadly comes down to the sneaky vendors that wriggle their way in. Lately we have had customers get ripped off with fakes and asking for advice. We have even experienced some customers that have bought fake dolls and even received rashes and other health related issues. What you can get with these fake dolls is poorly made TPE that has not been certified and checked this means it isn't fit for human engagement. 

At Sex Doll Australia we will always help out with advice for customers that have been tricked and conned but of course we would rather you not have the experience at all so please pay attention to the warning signs.

How to spot a fake sex doll vs a real sex doll?

The below image and example show the difference between a fake sex doll and an authentic sex doll. The sex doll on the right is our own that was made for one of our customers. Our own picture is taken just with a mobile phone and is just a quick snap in the factory with no interesting or professional lighting, yet you can still see the difference in quality and obviously see the difference in respect to the fake on the left. 

We have a dedicated page on Sex Doll Scams you can view, see: How to Avoid Sex Doll Scams

Also you can see a video we made about love doll scams and how to avoid them see below: