The Nasty After Surprises of Australians buying dolls from Overseas Vendors

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“Coulda woulda shoulda”… We have heard it too many times we shoulda bought from an Australian store. Overseas vendors such as those in the United States for example can go low on the prices but there is a solid reason. They are not clearing your doll with customs for you nor are they paying your taxes. These two burdens are left on you and are an unwelcome surprise at the later stages.

What is the clearance criteria that is conducted by Australian Customs for sex doll?

Illustrative Descriptive Material “IDM”

Provide various images of the doll to Australian customs that you have purchased. They need to check its adult in appearance. IDM pictures they require are full body shots (nude) and including the face. 

Evidence of Monies Price Paid “EMPP”

Provide various payment receipts to prove your payment of the doll and the amount charged.
When you choose an overseas vendor and hence you are having to do this task alone with Australian customs then Australian customs will charge on your full RETAIL cost. So your tax payment to Australian Border Force will be the higher rate. However when you shop with us as we cover your taxes you don’t need to pay at all and the charges that fall on us is on our cost so we can keep the price nicely balanced and offer the best price for you.  

To summarise what you get from using an overseas vendor….

1.       Customs clearance stress with Australian customs. Having to deal with the clearance process on your own.
2.       Having to send the pictures of your doll on your own to Australian customs
3.       Having to send all your payment proof to customs.


4.       If cleared you are hit with the highest tax rate based on your full retail price.
After point 1, 2, 3 and 4 you realised that you ended up paying MORE MONEY by using them and in addition having experienced the stress of clearing the doll on your own! That’s more money for more stress.

So sadly, we often get customers whom contact us after they have had this experience and wished they knew beforehand as if they did, they would have saved money and had the luxury of doing nothing after they buy from Sex Doll Australia.

Other suprise to look out for is the fact that their prices are in USD so you won’t notice until checkout, once it converts to AUD it will bump up a good chunk.We display our dolls in AUD. 
Although a portion of these overseas vendors are not scams this topic of paying more money for more stress is covered in the video we created below: