How Your Girl Works

Welcome to the Sex Doll Design and Technology page. 

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Here you can see how our love dolls are built and designed. Each company has their own style of creating and designing these lovely ladies. Read up on and watch videos of movement and learn about key features of our dolls. 

WM Doll

WM Doll Movement Video

WM Doll Movement Directions

6YE Doll

6YE Doll Body Movement 

6YE Doll Head Movement

6YE Frame

6YE Realism


6YE No Seams


QitaDoll Showcase Video 


Movements of QitaDoll

QitaDoll’s Body Dynamics. 

QitaDoll’s unique feature that sets itself apart from the rest, they use real vagina’s that have been casted and molded. 

3D Body Scanning of Real Women. Another unique feature that Qitadoll’s has is to get the most realtic and real to life bodys they are actually 3D scanned. This is ensure the curves and shapes are true to the real thing.