Sex Doll Shipping and Customs Information

Our Unique Touch – Customs Burden and Taxes on us!

A humungous percentage of competitors will not cover the customs process and taxes for you. They can cut the price down because of this. Its fair game to anyone that wants to pay a tiny bit less but shopping with us means we take on these burdens on for you so that when you purchase it’s the final cost and needn’t worry about any further charges or clearance stress with customs as this one is our responsibly and factored into the price.

What happens after I buy the Doll?

Below is a storyboard showing you the full process. 

Worldwide Shipping

We don’t just send these hotties to Australia! We send all over the world!
Shipping networks and sales channels throughout the world are in the mix. Below are our most common countries we ship to that are not Australia and subsequent information for sex doll imports.  

Customs and importation information for worldwide shipping

Doll is sent most commonly via Fedex. Upon arrival, we pay the taxes for you and handle clearance if necessary. The customs taxes are usually around $200 USD. Our shipping account is charged, and your sweet heart sent onto you.

Doll is sent most commonly via Fedex. Upon arrival we pay the taxes for you and handle clearance if necessary. The customs taxes area usually around $250 CAD. Our shipping account is charged, and your Princess is on her way.

New Zealand
Doll is most commonly sent via UPS or DHL. Customs taxes we pay are normally around $400 NZD.
Unfortunately the kiwis must register for a ‘Client Code’ to even be able to receive the doll.
Unlike other countries, New Zealand is unique in the sense that the government makes the customer have a client code which is a license of sorts that is to import goods over $1000 NZD. Even though the customer is not technically importer they still require this. It is recommended to have your client code setup prior to purchase so that there are no delays. Once the doll is landed in New Zealand the client code is charged but we fit the bill. After that the doll is passed and your new lady is sent to you.
For more information on Client Codes in New Zealand click here: https://www.customs.govt.nz/business/import/lodge-your-import-entry/client-codes/  

November 2020 update for New Zealand orders: with NZ orders, the shipping cost has risen dramatically for NZ orders from China so it is difficult to keep the price on our website as it is significantly higher. Please contact us to discuss if you have questions.  

Doll is sent most commonly via Sagawa Express. Customs clearance process fast and easy. At times an arrival fee is charged of 2000 yen. This is reimbursed by us and the doll is on her way to your arms.

Doll sent most commonly with DHL but sometimes differs. Upon arrival the taxes are paid by us, usually around 150 GBP. Doll is cleared, and your babe is off to your humble abode.

Europe Other
We do get orders from other European Countries like Germany from time to time, normally DHL is used and the customs taxes vary depending on the country. Again the taxes are always on us not you, once paid she will be shuffling to your front door.

Estimated Time of Arrival For Love Dolls 

Times displayed are from the purcahse point to the arrival of the Love Doll

WM Doll: Approx 4-5 weeks
6YE Doll: Approx 4-5 weeks
Climax Doll: Approx 3-4 weeks
Qita Doll: Approx 3-4 weeks

Please note: During COVID-19 the times above are not accurate as we have delays during the pandemic. 

Australian Government Update on GST and low value goods – From July 1st 2018

Notice to Australian Customers: From 1 July 2018, as you may know the government has imposed goods and services tax (GST) to be paid by the consumer/customer. As we import for you and handle the whole process, this means effectively the cost is on us. Should you purchase directly elsewhere you a liable to pay the GST on your full retail cost so why not shop with us and let us handle it.