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Browse our range of Sex Doll Videos that are produced by us at Sex Doll Australia. We review sex dolls and provide an insight into the best and most popular sex dolls out there. If you want to see more videos we have a our YouTube channel that you can access here: PLANET OF THE LOVE DOLLS

Discussion of Hot Topics (Audio Required)

Topics Discussed: Future of Dolls, Customs Taxes and Imports, The Fakes, Depot Collect, Taboo around Love Dolls and Pics before Ship. 

Sex Doll Australia Offical Factory Tour! We visited WM Doll, Irontech, Qita Doll and Shenzhen AI 

Irontech Doll Tour – Includes how to make a love doll

Qita Doll Tour – We get a sneak peak into Qita Doll and their amazing faces and love dolls. 

WM Doll – WM doll invites us in for an official tour of the WM doll factory 

Shenzhen All Intelligent Robot and Co – Sex Doll Australia visits China Sex Robot manufacturer for an interesting visit. 

If you want to hear more about our amazing factory tours of sex doll manufacturers in China, then you can read an article we posted based on our exciting travels
see here: Sex Doll Australia Factory Tour

Sex Doll Scams – How to Avoid Getting Scammed on buying Sex Dolls Online

Sex Doll Australia conducts a little talk about Sex Doll Scams and how to avoid getting scammed on buying a sex doll. We also provide examples on real sex dolls vs fake sex dolls and what to watch out for when buying a sex doll online. If you want to know more about this subject see our page: Sex Doll Scams

Qita Doll Promo Video

WM 157CM B-Cup

QitaDoll Harley Cos Edition Promo

Climax Doll Josie 

Climax Doll Tough Test

New Hyper Realistic Skin from ILDoll – Highly Realistic Silicone Doll 

Sex Doll Australia reviews the new and highly anticipated hyper realistic skinned silicone sex doll from ILDoll!