Delivery Information


Once you have placed your order then the birth of your lady begins! How exciting hey !
Your order is placed with the factory and Sex Doll Australia will be in touch with you when she is ready. The entire process from order to delivery takes approx. 5-6 weeks


Recent changes to importation laws of sex dolls to Australia means border force will hold the doll for examination, this is normal routine and only a precautionary protocol as they need to assess what the doll looks like as the complete entity. Australian border do this because they need to assess visually assess if the doll looks too young or not.
They do not have the time or resources to open the box and put the doll together so will/can ask for pictures of the doll. This though is our responsibility and a regular routine for us. Once we have sent what is required and duties and taxes payment made by us to clear your doll, it will soon be on the way. Naturally we only sell tall dolls with big adult breasts so nothing to worry about on this clearance process. 
Unlike some other sellers they will not advise you of this until its too late, also other sellers will under declare the doll value leaving you with further troubles. We charge a little more for our dolls but you must know its because we do things right.