The Real Output Taken on a Mobile Phone

Understandably customers what to see the product in factory mode to see what they are getting. 

These are just quick mobile phone snaps and in an environment that has no professional lighting or pro camera or studio nothing. Just quick snaps from a phone. Despite this you can still gauge what you are getting, you like? Pretty cool huh. You can see that even in these conditions the realism and authenticity of these dolls.

These are just a very small handful of the TPE sex dolls we have produced that have been sent out to our customers. All of which are loved. As you can see it is what it is and we have the finest TPE and silicone dolls that are super lifelike and adopt the most realistic love doll features on the market. Not just talking about facial features but also in regards to the bodies of our love dolls are superb and have all the most realistic sexy curves that you will find, from all kinds; petite, tall, slim, curvy, big breast, thick thighs, super model love doll body the list goes on. 

Does it Really Look as Good as the Website? 

The short answer is ‘YES’. A firm ‘Yes’ but read on, we have some points about professional lighting etc.


Are The Dolls Photoshopped?

Some brands (a small few) may use photoshop to add filters and lighting just to jazz it up however the pictures of the dolls themselves are exactly as you receive, You could compare this to a picture of yourself for example if you when to a portrait photographer and had your professional shots taken, that would be some of the pics on the website presented as such and on the other hand our factory pictures you could say are on parr with taking a quick mobile phone snap of Jessica Alba around the house vs her model shoot pictures that are of course conducted in a photography studio with all the bells and whistles that professional photography has, now remember this is only a very few brands. The good news is that you can do this yourself if you have a passion for photography and practice with your doll, you can make her or him look exactly as appearing on our website.


Pictures are Sent Out for All Customers Prior to Shipping

We send all pictures of the doll when ready to our customers so they can see exactly how hot our dolls are, and we do before shipping out. It allows the customer to feel comfortable and safe knowing what they paid for is exactly what they are getting.