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Changing Gears on Sex Dolls

We discuss the shift on doll ownership attitudes and how doll owners are not letting society dictate the rules!. This article covers the empowerment of sex doll owners and how society my perceive one from the other. It is the time for Sex Doll owners to unite! ...
Doll-ph Lundgren Wednesday 12 August, 2020
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Self-Quarantine With a Doll

They’re all doing it, actually.  It’s you that doesn’t get it.  Yet!  But you want to, I know.  How do I know?  Well, because you’re here on a love doll blog reading about love dolls during a pandemic.  So the thought’s clearly crossed your mind.  Hey, let’s stop pretending you’re at 0% chance of fu...
Doll-ph Lundgren Thursday 16 April, 2020
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