Terms & Conditions

Return Policy

Upon receipt of your doll, should you find any damage you must notify our shop immediately. This will allow us to investigate and work on your refund/replacement of doll. In reverse if you notify us too late there could be implications on the refund so it is best to always inspect the doll when opening the box. 


Just ordered cancelation: 

If you have just ordered and notify us immediately of the cancelation, we can cancel the order and provide a refund. This is only valid should the customer notify us within 24 hours. 

Doll commenced production:

Once the doll has commenced production which is usually around 2 days after the order has been sent, from this stage we cannot offer a refund should the customer change their mind and cancel. This is because the manufacturers are stuck with the doll and must sell on to another person or we might be in this position to have to sell ourselves. If we have to buy the doll it means we have to pay shipping customs and taxes and the complications of selling a doll onwards is that the doll being so customised in nature therefore selling on is difficult in respect the limitations of the doll that had options already selected. So please be sure before you buy. 

In Stock Dolls: 

Same applies to in stock dolls sent from Melbourne. Once the doll has been used or washed or even after package opened fully and unwrapped, we cannot accept refunds or returns. This is due to the nature of the product as we cannot sell onwards again once possessed by another customer as it is defined as a used sex doll. So, no returns or refunds are allowed from that point. When you receive the doll if you see something broken from transit for example, please take pictures immediately and send to us and don’t unwrap the doll. 

Please note: All dolls are made to order from start to finish as the manufacturers do not create beforehand and pre stock. 

Paypal Buyer Protection

As the name suggests, yes, when you shop with Paypal you can obtain buyer protection. Our shop is what it is and we sell what we sell, however we respect that some customers may feel a little scared buying high price items online so rest assured with buyer protection you are covered on your purchase.